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Nanny Wanted is excited to be able to offer Nanny child care and domestic solutions to employers in Nova Scotia. Many of us work non-traditional hours, travel, have single parent households, are busy executives, and need flexible Nanny or Babysitting options. We are here to fill that need.
Nanny Wanted in Nova Scotia provides the most efficient online resource for families to search and find the best Canadian nannies and caregivers that meet their specific requirements in their immediate area in Canada. We provide care providers with the opportunity to work and gain wonderful experiences with families and work that can fit right into their schedules.
Our idea was developed to ensure that Canadian families had the opportunity to find reliable, experienced nannies they felt comfortable with and for nannies to gain extra skills and experience working with children.

Employers will be given access to thousands of qualified babysitters who are looking for nanny job in Nova Scotia. With search options available, families can tailor their searches to find qualified nannies and babysitters in their specific location and that mach their specific needs.

Nanny Agency - Providing the very best for your children

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